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Pam’s baby washing solution

My favourite kind of baby bathtime is the kind where I get to bath with the baby. But since Molly started exploring other foods, she ends up creatively adorned with avo, mango, lambchop or broccoli… whatever’s on offer. We pretty … Continue reading

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Crunchy stuff: EC round 2

My husband teases me about being a bit of a crunchy mom. Crunchy as in granola. Natural home birth mom, breastfeeding mom, babywearing mom, co-sleeping mom, attachment parenting mom, cloth nappies mom. I’m a walking stereotype, really. Anyway, right up … Continue reading

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A departure

So the last time I wrote anything here was about the birth of our little girl. An arrival, so sweet. So it’s fairly obvious why I haven’t posted again in a while. There have been many a fine Mental Blog … Continue reading

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Sunday’s child

Molly-Rose, born 3.10 am on 8 September 2013. Doesn’t seem like only two and half weeks ago that we suddenly said hello to our feisty little girl. She was born peacefully at home, in a birth pool, with the amazing, … Continue reading

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Diary of a pregnancy – part II

June. 27 ish weeks. We have a month to move out of our house. Dave reckons I’m insane to insist on packing this early, but I’m adamant to take a tortoise-like approach to the matter of moving. It’s an exercise … Continue reading

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Far from the tree

Occasionally it happens: you meet someone, or read someone, or – the Internet being what it is – you click on a link and spend 15 minutes watching something, and a world opens up. You suddenly see or know or … Continue reading

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Another story

Gloria is a Xhosa woman who comes to our house on Wednesdays to do some extra cleaning and ironing. She’s painfully shy, intensely god-fearing and scarily hard-working. Which means she doesn’t say much, she is sometimes fasting when she comes … Continue reading

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Diary of a pregnancy – part I

Mid-December. Roughly 3 weeks: Wedding. Not aware that I’m pregnant. Top button pops off my wedding dress, and there are some flattering comments about cleavage. We put this down to my wonderful dressmaker. Few days later. Roughly 3 1/2 weeks: … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Mike van Graan’s analysis of the Oscar Pistorius case and the South African psyche

The multiply horrendous tragedy of Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp. Where does one start? Despite myself, I’ve been gripped by the unfolding of this terrible case, along with the rest of the country, the rest of the world. I  knew … Continue reading

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Hi, my name’s Lisa and improv changed my life

I was six years old when I watched some other kids do a little dramatisation of The Town and the Country Mouse at our school, in furry costumes, with face paint. I watched in complete rage and upsetment. I DID NOT want to … Continue reading

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