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To have and to hold til death do you part?

You spend a lot of time thinking about it – how it feels, how hot or cold it is, its state of health, its levels of perfection or imperfection, how toned or flabby or marked or decorated or improved it’s … Continue reading

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Much energy is wasted in trying to charm others. And in wanting to charm – I tell you, the opposite happens.(Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

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What about Switzerland???

Neutral in every other sort of war, the Swiss would be the immediate victors of any battle for pre-eminence in matters of chocolate making. Weird, then, that they don’t get a mention in this article in todays online New York … Continue reading

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Things I’m loving about Central America

OK, granted, I’m seeing little more than airports and aeroplanes and generic hotels for three days, but even so, there have been some highlights: 1. The easy-going chaos of the airports. Teeming with people, loads of airport officials, but none … Continue reading

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Business and class

Greetings from Lima, Peru, from a hotel room conveniently situated exactly 5 minutes walk across from the baggage claims and customs declaration area at the airport. Yes, once again, I’m on one of those ludicrous professional (mis)adventures where you spend … Continue reading

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So you think you’re a metrosexual…

OK, I’ve had enough of these goddamn false claims to metrosexuality. If you were a metrosexual, honey, I wouldn’t be sleeping with you. But you don’t believe me, so I’ve devised this clever little test for you and all your … Continue reading

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Little Miss Make-Me-Beautiful

I read a magazine article recently that cited a growing phenomenon among 20-something girls. Increasing numbers of young women are forking out thousands and thousands of dollars (or rands or pounds, depending on where you are) to keep their faces … Continue reading

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