The quest for the best yogurt in the land

Life in the UK has its upshots. Like yogurt. My current favourites are Onken, followed closely by Yeo Valley. More suggestions welcome, as the little one seems to have a thing for yogurt. But hopefully Onken will take note of my nice letter and broaden the range. We live in hope.

Dear nice Onken people

I recently moved over to the UK from South Africa. I did it for love: I fell in love with someone that lives in London, and realised that come what may, we had to be together. I hadn’t really thought I would leave sunny, beautiful, friendly Africa for soggy, cold Britain. But here I am, gradually finding my feet in this city and discovering little unexpected and pleasing things about this initially strange place.

One of my happiest discoveries was your yogurt. Specifically your Wholegrain Biopot yogurt. I didn’t used to be so crazy about yogurt, but a couple of months ago, my partner and I discovered that we’re expecting a little one early next year, and pregnancy has done peculiar things to my appetite. Put me off chocolate, for one thing. Given me an enormous daily desire for fresh fruit and yogurt. So I sampled a lot of different kinds. Not all of them, mind you, but quite a few. And kept coming back to yours.

Now, there’s only one problem. For an enthusistic yogurt eater like me, your range of flavours is *just too small*!! The wholegrain range (which I admit is my favourite) only seems to come in three flavours – and of these, I can only usually find the strawberry one at most supermarkets. And the fruit range seems to come in a few more flavours (according to your website), but again, only a few of them only seem to be stocked at my local Sainsburys (and believe me, I’ve looked at both the nearest branches – Woolwich and Eltham!).

My suggestion to you is: how about broadening your range? Here are a few suggestions:

– apricot
– apple
– passion fruit
– lemon (as a mild variation on vanilla… though I’ve never seen your vanilla in a supermarket, I would happily buy it)
– stewed fruit
– muesli
– hazelnut
You might even branch out into sweeter flavours like caramel and chocolate.

I hope you like these ideas. Because I really like your yogurt.

PS. I would be more than happy to sample new flavours in process of research and development!


About Lisa

I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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