The nice Onken people…

sent me some goodies in the post and assured me that they’re launching new yogurt flavours soon. (This in reply to my earlier letter to Onken.) In the meantime I’ve discovered that Sainsbury’s do a really great hazelnut one. Now I just have to sort out some of the mysteries of supermarkets in the UK including:
– why can’t you buy bags of bran in supermarkets here? (the stuff you add to bran muffins)
– why is buttermilk a rarity?
– where do you find ordinary white spirit vinegar?
Funny, all the things you’d find in the most basic general dealer in the tiniest outpost of southern Africa seem to be regarded as oddities here.


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I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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One Response to The nice Onken people…

  1. Forest Yogini says:

    I think its because UK supermarkets do their best to ensure their customers dont cook anything themselves. They want you to buy ready-made everything, including bread and muesli, so why provide the ingredients?
    Health food shops are better places to go for raw ingredients if you are an autonomous eater and then the food is also less likely to be GM)-contaminated.
    As for buttermilk: I have NO idea why they dont know what it is in the UK but if its any consolation I hear they have lots in Germany.

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