Butternut and cherry jelly … culinary exploration with Kolya

[This post was supposed to include a very cute video of Kolya having dinner. Like really cute. But for some reason, YouTube won’t let me upload the video. Been working on it for several days now and I just can’t figure it out. If anyone has any bright ideas about how to fix that, please email me and tell me how to do it. The photos are stills extracted from the video. L.]

I was a little relucant about starting Kolya on solid food. Firstly, as a mother, there’s something immensely gratifying about having a child who has only ever been supported by your own body. Carried for nine months, borne into the world, and fed nothing but breastmilk for months and months as he doubles in size and strength and ability… It’s a very special time, when your child is so intimately, literally your own flesh and blood. Part of me didn’t really want it to end. What I didn’t bargain for was the delight of seeing your child reaching for and enjoying his food, gradually feeling out his own preferences. When he likes to eat, and how much, and which combinations. The funny stuff he does with the bits he likes – or doesn’t. The sensory adventure of food. Yum!!


Secondly, there was the poo thing. I use cloth nappies, and friends who use disposables had warned: wait til the end of the nice breastfeeding poo and the start of the stinky grown-up poo. Well, I have to say, I’m not sure what they’re talking about. Without wanting to gross out the non-babied amongst you, proper poo is way easier to handle.

Lastly, there were all those other parents that made out that food was such a drama – trying to get an unwilling child to eat; coping with food flinging and tantrums. Well, maybe it’s still awaiting us. Or maybe I just enjoy fistfuls of jelly. Maybe he was ready for it by the time we offered it to him, so there haven’t been any big fights (and when he doesn’t feel like eating, no one forces him; there’s always more breastmilk on tap anyway). Dunno.

For what it’s worth, we started with watermelon, some time ago. And then some rice cereal. With or without banana. And some papaya. Pear and banana was a big hit. Until we hit butternut. Oh my. We love butternut. Butternut and rice. Butternut and apple. Butternut and broccoli and carrots. There have been forays into other good things – avo and rice went down well (creamy but chewy), and crusty bits of bread are always a winner (I know there are all those finicky naysayers about wheat, but he eats at the table with us, where there are usually some bread rolls about – and so far so good). At first, we kept it all smooth, but soon he started going for all sorts of textures: whole grapes, cherries, lasagne… at last night’s New Year’s Eve, some of Cath’s lovely bruschette and Matthew’s very impressive bouillabaise!




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6 Responses to Butternut and cherry jelly … culinary exploration with Kolya

  1. Katya Segura says:

    Butternut DOES rule!!! Keep having fun with the world of food, you two!! πŸ˜€

  2. Ravinder Jagdev says:

    Ooooooh! How cute! What a magical time for you both :-D.

    Have you found any correlation between the foods that you ate a lot of while you were pregnant and what Kolya likes? My mother has a theory that you react violently (in one direction or the other) to your mothers pregnancy craving food – you either love it or hate it.

    Hope you don’t mind me popping in to see you from time to time- Kolyas the most beautiful baby that I’ve ever seen! :-D.

  3. tallstar7 says:

    Hey Rav!!
    Don’t mind anyone popping in – any friend of Kolya’s is a friend of mine πŸ™‚ Not sure about your mom’s theory. I didn’t have huge cravings during the pregnancy, although I regularly ate a lot of fruit and yogurt though, and Kolya seems to like those. He’s really cute when he chomps his way through seedless grapes, tiny bite by bite; at first it took about twenty minutes to get through one, but he seems to be refining the technique. I did go through about a week of eating a lot of chillis, but haven’t tried those on K quite yet..
    L x

  4. Katya Segura says:

    Actually, about the pregnancy cravings thing:

    When she was pregnant with me, my mother craved salty chips (french fries). Couldn’t get enough of them. I’m a TOTAL sodium fiend – if I don’t get it, I get lethargic, headachy and run to pee every ten minutes.

    When mum was pregnant with my brother, she craved bananas. To the point that when she started to get her first labour pains, she thought it was probably the under-ripe banana she had eaten the night before catching up with her. When he was a kid, my brother ate zillions of bananas.

    So I’ve often wondered if it was a sodium/potassium thing. I was sodium hungry and he was potassium hungry.

    Of course, that could be total bullshit, but I do still wonder about it.

  5. Thandi says:

    Must ask my Mom if she ate a lot of chocolate and ice-cream….

  6. Thandi says:

    oh ja, L – you are such a great cook that if you were to actually offer me butternut and jelly I would eat it. 😎

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