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Film: Elegy

“Beautiful women are invisible” says Dennis Hopper’s character in Elegy. He’s counseling Ben Kingsley, who plays David Kapesh, an ageing critic and lecturer who falls in love with a young Cuban student played by Penelope Cruz. It’s a conundrum about … Continue reading

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My mystifying Valentine

Valentine’s Day. I used to make trays of heart-shaped cookies with pink icing and hand them out to family, friends, strangers. Until once I left a lovingly wrapped an ribboned package in the postbox of someone I had a crush … Continue reading

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Hey Rav, your mum might be right…

Can’t remember when, Rav said her mum had this theory that your food cravings during your pregnancy turn up as the foods your child loves or hates. I shrugged it off at the time. But I have recently noticed that … Continue reading

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Babywearing demonstration links

I’ve been going strong on all these baby-related posts, so at the risk of boring you all senseless, here are some useful links for anyone interested in carrying their baby. Whilst I do think there’s a place for prams and … Continue reading

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Satsang with baby boy

Ever since we got back to Cape Town, I’ve been meaning to take Kolya off to a Thursday night satsang with the nice Art of Living people in Muizenberg. But somehow, every Thursday has been full of other things to … Continue reading

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Cloth nappies really aren’t that much effort

A few people have commented recently on how unusual/strange/excessively demanding it is that we use cloth nappies. I know I’m a bit evangelical on the hippie-baby stuff, but really, this is not rocket science nor hard labour. Here are the … Continue reading

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“Imagine reading the news on your computer…”

A report from the 1980s. It reminds me of a lesson once in kindergarten when we made up fantastical stories imagining What Life Would Be Like in the Year 2000….

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Quite possibly the best use for online dating websites…

So my tango partner got a place in a Masters course in Europe, leaving me tango-partnerless. I decided there was only one thing to do. I found an internet dating website and put up this plaintive profile: TangoPartnerPlease Just to … Continue reading

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The Pook’s NINO day

It was yesterday, actually – the day on which Kolya (aka the Pook) had been exactly Nine Inside Nine Outside. Happy NINO day, Pooker!

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A tale of two men

Two men there were, both billionaires, both seemingly quite smart Philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and patrons of the arts. The first his name was Adolf, born in 1934; they said he built his fortunes from of the rubble of the war. The … Continue reading

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