Babywearing demonstration links

I’ve been going strong on all these baby-related posts, so at the risk of boring you all senseless, here are some useful links for anyone interested in carrying their baby. Whilst I do think there’s a place for prams and strollers in the world, I think they’re badly over-used, often in contexts where carrying is more appropriate for both baby and parent! Babycarrying is the coolest:
1. It keeps your baby close to you, where he can feel your body warm and respond to your heartbeat, muscle tone and the sound of your voice.
2. It means you can hold your baby while you do stuff. Like making a sandwich. Or watering the garden. Or checking your email.
3. Because your baby is responding constantly to your muscle tone, he gets stronger and develops his own physical awareness and abilities healthily.
4. You don’t have to maneuver an unwieldy pram through the crowds at the Woodstock Market.
5. Your baby gets to watch and participate in whatever you’re doing, instead of feeling like a piece of baggage in a trolley.
6. Baby carriers are pretty.
7. It’s warm and snuggly for both of you, and fun.
I’m sure there are lots of other reasons I’ve left out. Anyway, in case it’s not clear, I think babycarrying rocks. And in the age of Internet and YouTube, you can check out how to do it! Here are some great video links demonstrating how to use different wraps and slings.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS – How to carry your baby!

Mei Tai carriers
A Mei Tai is a Japanese design that is basically a square of fabric with four straps – one extending from each corner. Easy to use, comfy for baby, and doesn’t make you look or feel like you’re wrapped in five metres of fabric (because you’re not).

Mei tai front carry – a good intro to using a Mei Tai
Mei tai hip carry – nice basic back carry
Mei tai back carry lift over shoulder with carrier half on
Mei tai back carry hip slide – useful if you’re nervous about flinging your child over your shoulder (which is actually easier than it looks)
Mei tai back carry hip slide 2
Mei tai high back carry from shoulders
Mei tai back carry over shoulder using Mei tai
Popping out of Mei tai back carry without untying

Popping back into Mei tai back carry without untying

A wrap is just a long, strong piece of fabric. I have one of the lovely Didymos ones (two, actually) but there are a massive range of different makes, or you could make your own from some good strong woven fabric.
Wrap high back carry Rucksack/Tibetan using Superman hold 1
Wrap high back carry Rucksack/Tibetan using superman hold 2
Wrap hip carry
Wrap simple front cross carry
Wrap Kangaroo carry
Wrap back cross carry no ends touching ground

Structured Carrier
Structured carriers have straps and buckles and things. And instruction books, if you’re lucky. I’ve never figured them out, but some people swear by them.
Structured carrier back carry

Breast Feeding
Hands free breast feeding 1
Hands free breast feeding 2
How to put down a sleeping baby from back carry

If any of the links don’t work, or you want more information about attachment parenting or babycarrying, just drop me a line!


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One Response to Babywearing demonstration links

  1. Janine says:

    Totally agree that babywearing rocks. I had a sling thingie for Hannah. She rode in it for ages because she was so little. Then I bought a new one for Jonah – can’t remember what it was called, but it allowed me to carry him while he slept and while he breastfed. When he got bigger, I could position it so that he was on my hip. How cool is that?

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