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A very late strudel

The 27th was Daring Bakers reveal date. And for a month I’ve been procrastinating about apple strudel. Mainly because I’ve never eaten apple strudel before and didn’t have the faintest notion of what it was all about. I had an … Continue reading

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In honour of Augusto Boal – director, dramatist, visionary

I was doing research tonight for some drama lessons I’m writing. Which meant that sooner or later I’d need to turn to the work of Augusto Boal, the Brazilian dramatist whose work  forms the staple activities of drama teachers worldwide. … Continue reading

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Godfrey Johnson in cabaret

See, people who read this blog get this kind of special inside knowledge! (Now I just want to know how come LKJ performed in Cape Town at the beginning of February and I didn’t know a thing about it….) This … Continue reading

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No evolution, thanks, we’re Arabs

Part of the work I do involves developing educational materials (mostly textbooks) for various countries. This week, a project came in for a country in the UAE. A Muslim country, so we have to be sensitive to cultural difference. In … Continue reading

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And another

So my new video skills meant I could finally upload the December Cherry Jelly video too.

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Woo hoo! It’s only taken me about four months, but I finally managed to figure out how to edit my videos AND convert them to something YouTube would recognise AND upload them. It required several bits of open-source software – … Continue reading

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I went to a marvelous party…

I had the privilege of attending a wonderful performance last weekend by my friend Godfrey. It was a sort of soiree with where he performed snippets from various shows he’s recently done. The music was a fabulous and inspiring mix … Continue reading

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Model weight

So. I never thought this would happen. I have always been fascinated by the abiding sense of unease that most women seem to have with their bodies. In high school, I spent a lot of time drawing women’s bodies. For … Continue reading

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Kindermusik class

A little slide show put together by the teacher of Kolya’s Kindermusik class… K is the guy in the blue stripey T-shirt, of course, looking increasingly blond by the day.

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Quandary for Mother’s Day

I used to get impatient when I read articles questioning whether women can match their male counterparts in earning ability and career prospects. Of course they can, I used to think irritably. Is it possible to strike a balance between … Continue reading

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