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Every month, the Daring Bakers challenge holds surprises. The recipes I think will be easy are difficult. The ones I think will be difficult are a walk in the park. The ones I think I won’t like I end up … Continue reading

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Our house!

Well, once the bank has agreed to lend me some money, and the various legal machinations have completed their whirring and clunking, it looks like we’re going to have a new home! Offer accepted yesterday after lengthy negotiation. Much excitement!

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A close friend received this some time ago in a letter, and I felt grateful to read it when I did. “I’m really sorry to hear your pain.  Yes, heartbreak is exactly a physical sensation, like it is breaking.  I … Continue reading

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Winter solstice

Days are lengthening from now. Dark clouds and sunshine wrestle out at sea.

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Local is lekker#3: Proximity

Sometimes it irritates me that Cape Town is a bit of a village. There’s very little social anonymity. If you go out for dinner with someone, chances are the next day your mother will have heard from her best friend’s … Continue reading

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Local is lekker #2: wayne dot com

(Disclaimer: This is even shallower than the snackwich post. I posted it on request from a friend that said “I want to SEE!!! Put it on the blog!!” Shallow, very shallow. Just warning you.) Wayne is my mom’s hairdresser. He … Continue reading

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Does it heal where others before have failed?

Friday. Phone message to say that my 9am meeting had been cancelled. Another phone message to remind me that I’d booked a massage. Perfect. So I headed down to Obs to see C., the massage therapist. I’ve been to her … Continue reading

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We are family …

I’m not gay, but diversity thrills me. And this story has to get the prize for heartwarming, unwittingly subversive nature moment of the year: Berlin – Two homosexual penguins have successfully hatched an egg that was rejected by its parents … Continue reading

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Local is lekker #1: Real stuff

A friend recently got back from yet another business trip overseas. I think the last one was China. It’s hard to keep up with her. She looked worried. Some people do not breathe real air, ever, she said. They go … Continue reading

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Local is lekker …

Every now and then I notice little detail about life in South Africa, or in Cape Town, that gives me a homely, welcome, familiar sort of feeling. Subtle little gifts that give life here a certain sense, and pattern, meaning … Continue reading

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