Oh happy day

This is a very shallow post. I got a present today. Something I have wanted for YEARS and not gotten around to buying. Don’t ask why. It just never seemed the right time. But, oh the excitement:

sandwich maker

Guess what I had for dinner.


About Lisa

I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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5 Responses to Oh happy day

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Lisa, This is Lara’s American friend, Kate, who constantly misses you every time I’m in Cape Town. Anyhow, I’ve very much been enjoying your blog, especially as regards your insightful thoughts and resources on parenting and childbirth. I thought you might enjoy this NYT article, if you haven’t seen it yet, and some of the parenting blogs sited therein:



  2. I am completely with you. Love the jaffle!

  3. Jeannine says:

    Ha! The immortal snackwicher – I love them too. Two slices of bread, some leftovers, a condiment or two, and what more do you need.
    Banana and peanut butter is hard to beat on a cold Cape day.

  4. Lisa says:

    Admission: cheese and chocolate. No, really. Something they used to do at a cafeteria in Jerusalem when I stayed there for a few months on a high school trip…
    As an aside, though, very unimpressed with the Russel Hobbes snackwicher which is soon to go back to the shop. It seems to lack a crucial design feature that gets the bread to crisp on the outside. Sandwiches keep getting very soggy – then eventually completely dried out, but no crisp-outside-tender-inside. Eating third failed attempt as I write this. Time to get out the box and the sales slip, I’m afraid.

  5. Alex says:

    note to self: don’t put tomato in and try to eat immediately.

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