Winter veggie garden

I got surprised today by a large head of broccoli. Not every day you can say that 🙂 (Note Kolya looking intently at the mud in the spinach bed. Five minutes later he was covered in the stuff.)


Turnips and cabbages below. I have never figured out what to do with a turnip, which is part of the reason they’ve gone so huge here – I’ve been ignoring them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Kolya’s been getting them in his mashed veg, poor guy…



Peter found some avocados sprouting around the compost, so he set them among the beans to grow.



And the spinach just keeps doing its thing:


Kolya and a bed of persistent leeks:



About Lisa

I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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One Response to Winter veggie garden

  1. Jeannine says:

    Fabulous, fertile garden full of healthy stuff! Allows you to eat those sweetie pies with a clean conscience.

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