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Jungle gym

At a playpark yesterday. A little girl scramble to the top of the jungle gym. Yells: “Mummy, get me, get me, get me!” Her mother looks up at her. “Sweetheart, if you want people to get you, you shouldn’t climb … Continue reading

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oh… bliss…

Another shallow post from me. Some months ago, I chanced upon an absolute gem of a blog. All I could remember about it is that the writer seemed to have an extraordinary ability to collect utterly beautiful, charming, delightful, soothing, … Continue reading

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Yet another victim

You know, I consider myself fairly clued up in the department of internet security. I mean, I know, recent relationship history might suggest that I’ve learned the hard way. (Some might call it a way paved with much naivete and … Continue reading

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Been having a blast of a time the last couple of weekends. The brilliant, effusive, energetic and wildly talented Megan Choritz has been running a Theatresports training workshop. I was fortunate to meet Megan at an audition a few months … Continue reading

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A year…

So we’ve just finished another round of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur festivities. Which has meant, amongst other things, excessive feasting and a little fasting. And the attendant reflection over the year that’s past. The year has flown, as they … Continue reading

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