oh… bliss…

Another shallow post from me. Some months ago, I chanced upon an absolute gem of a blog. All I could remember about it is that the writer seemed to have an extraordinary ability to collect utterly beautiful, charming, delightful, soothing, calming and desirable images. Objects, clothes, places. She created a universe of … bliss. I wanted to go back. But I had absolutely no idea what it was called or where it was. And google searches for “prettiest blog in the world” don’t really lead anywhere. So it is with much delight that I can tell you I tripped over it again today. And I’m blogging it not just ‘cos I’m generous and like to share, but just so that if I forget again, I can come back here and click on the link. It’s called, appropriately Bliss. Swoon.


About Lisa

I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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