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Gosh, it’s been one of those days. Kolya’s nanny called early this morning to say she’d be late. Which would mean I’d be unable to make my 9 o’clock meeting. Except that someone else happily rearranged to switch meeting times … Continue reading

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A letter of appreciation

This email bounced. So I’m hoping to invoke the powers of the fabled seven degrees of celebration, sorry – separation! – in order to get it to its intended recipient. Or just to spread the appreciation. Please could someone pass … Continue reading

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Of cabbages and kings

The doorman at our fabulous hotel in Dubai didn’t blink. A couple of shopping bags with a few items of clothing (the inevitable spoils of an afternoon off on a work trip in the UAE) – and a cabbage. Going … Continue reading

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The bodegas and the lights on upper Broadway

In the Cavendish parking lot, I bumped into an acquaintance. I met her and her husband on a dive holiday a few years ago. Beautiful, passionate people, rich in a million ways. He was reading The Power of Now and … Continue reading

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A conversation

Kolya’s nanny returned back from her end-of-year holidays this week. Today she requested a Conversation. She was very afraid to tell me this. Had I noticed that she had lost some weight? she asked. I hadn’t. Yes, she lost weight. … Continue reading

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