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Out the Box: a couple of gems and a whole lot of other stuff

I just got back from an evening at Hiddingh campus, taking in some of the offerings of the Out The Box festival. I’ve always had a bit of a fascination for puppets, and was looking forward to seeing some exciting … Continue reading

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Bad Science, good read

I swear, if I didn’t have a conditioned reflex to find British accents just a bit creepy, I would have a crush on Dr Ben Goldacre. He’s smart and lucid and logical and even fairly humane, and he knows his … Continue reading

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Crime scares

I’ve been noticing lately what frightening levels of anxiety permeate ordinary life in South Africa. It started with the new house. New sounds, new routes, new patterns to daily life. New doors, with new keys. I haven’t lived on my … Continue reading

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Family photo shoot

Last year, I wrote about my experience of  a family photo studio which offers a ‘free’ photo shoot, after which they offer you some very very highly priced prints of the lovely pictures they have shot in their gleaming studios. … Continue reading

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Kolya’s design indaba

We went to the Design Indaba last week. I fell in love with a crocheted lampshade (who would’ve thought?), some extraordinary Scandinavian-looking shelves, and Kolya fell in love with, er, an embroidered felt cushion. Except that the lady at the … Continue reading

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