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Lemon drizzle cake

Just a note: the cake I made got a little too dark. I’d say make it in a 23 or 24 cm tin rather than a 26-cm tin, which I used – or if your tin is bigger, check the … Continue reading

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My portfolio

So the other night a friend asked to see some of the books I’ve written… and I realised I’d actually done quite a few by now! So I’ve set up blog portfolio where I can keep a sort of visual … Continue reading

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A heavenly vegetarian lasagne

Lasagne is officially Kolya’s favourite food. Each week, we get out the pasta roller and embark on the painstaking process of rolling out the dough. The handle of the pasta maker doesn’t lock into place particularly firmly, though, so more … Continue reading

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Monday 22 June

“there are two kinds of people in the world: those who do what they say they’re going to do, and everybody else” – Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential The rain is coming down outside – maybe hail even, and it’s gotten … Continue reading

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Sea of Shoes

I have fallen quite in love with this blog. Thank you to my lovely friend Lara (she of extreme shoes) for showing it to me. Oh, the loveliness!! Check it out: Sea of Shoes

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Hot patootie, bless my soul! I really love that rock n’ roll!

If there’s one thing more nerve-wracking than organising your own party, it’s organising a surprise party for a friend. Especially a close friend who insists she doesn’t want a party. Especially in Cape Town where the default response to any … Continue reading

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Oded’s Kitchen

I recently joined the Slow Food Mother City convivium. The first of their events that I attended was a workshop about pickling and preserving food, held by the delightful Oded of Oded’s Kitchen. We cooked three different preserves: a three-tomato … Continue reading

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TheatreSports festival 15-19 June 2010

Our man Jon at TheatreSports designed these funky fliers for our performance festival next week. I’m really chuffed with my new hockeystick ninjagirl look! Come watch one of the shows… it’s gonna be fun.

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The price of honesty

Before my brother married H, her friends arranged a girly spa day before the wedding. She has a really tight circle of girly girlfriends, and I was sitting in the garden at Mangwanani spa with them when the conversation turned … Continue reading

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Walking the path, man

So, someone special sent this link to me recently. Which was a pretty cool reminder about, you know, walking the path and living the dream, no matter how far-fetched or unlikely or just plain impossible it seems. Sending you all … Continue reading

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