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A weekend in Simonstown


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Vicious irony

Irony says the opposite of what it means. Irony says “Thanks a lot!” when it means “That’s not what I wanted.” Irony says “Aren’t you smart?” when it means “You’re pretty stupid.” Irony says “Go away” when it means “I … Continue reading

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80’s sit-coms and fresh pasta sauce – two takes

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now. Does anyone remember that 80s sit-com, The Golden Girls? Does anyone remember Sofia, Dorothy’s mother, who always seemed to be stirring a pot of pasta sauce? (It was such a … Continue reading

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Roast beetroot with couscous and naartjies

Not sure quite what it is, but I’ve been in full tilt domestic goddess mode of late. Last night I made another potful of the best chocolate sauce ever. I made vegetable stock the other day, just because it seemed … Continue reading

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Put down the knife please

So I’ve bottled up a lot of anger about infidelity. It made me frantic with rage when I was on the receiving end of it. It made me nauseous to hear recently that a close friend has been at the … Continue reading

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And more forest adventures

Newlands forest with Kolya and Dave and dogs… loveliness!!!

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Forest forage

Last Sunday we went on a mushroom forage with Slow Food Mother City. It was Kolya’s first foray into the forest, and we had a very fine time hunting wild fungi! You can see the article about it on the … Continue reading

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