Roast beetroot with couscous and naartjies

Not sure quite what it is, but I’ve been in full tilt domestic goddess mode of late. Last night I made another potful of the best chocolate sauce ever. I made vegetable stock the other day, just because it seemed like a good idea to have some in the freezer. There are two different kinds of breakfast muffin I still have to post on this blog. And I made the mother of all roast chickens. Oh and my mom made me the cutest apron, so I don’t think I’ll be stopping here. Anyway, my erstwhile favourite food blogger, Jamie Who, posted a recipe for a beetroot and quinoa salad here. I didn’t have quinoa, and I wanted a more colourful thing, so I took the roasted beetroot idea and made this:

What you need

6 small beetrot, peeled and quartered
1 onion, peeled and quartered
some balsamic vinegar, olive oil and sea salt
some watercress/rocket mix (or any other baby salad leaves)
2/3 cup couscous
some feta
2 naartjies (or mandarins or tangerines)

What to do
1. Put the beetroot and onion in an ovenproof dish, drizzle with balsamico and sea salt and roast for about an hour at 180 degrees.
Take them out, let them cool a bit, and chop them small.
Prepare the couscous: my way is to heat some olive oil in a saucepan, throw in the couscous and toast it for a minute or two, then take off the heat and add boiling water in the same volume (so about 2/3 cup in this case). Stir really well and fluff it up; add salt and olive oil to taste.
Arrange the leaves around the edge of a bowl, put the cooled couscous in the centre. Throw the chopped roasted vegetables on top, and arrange the naartjie segments and feta on top of that.
(Some toasted pumpkin seeds and avocado would work well with this if you have them. Also, if you’re wanting a more labour-intensive and impressive version, you could do the onions on a stovetop, and caramelise them slowly while the beetroots roast. Up to you.)


About Lisa

I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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One Response to Roast beetroot with couscous and naartjies

  1. Tes says:

    I don’t have much idea on how to cook beetroot. This definitely sounds perfect to try.
    Thanks for sharing.

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