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Schooling the world

Someone passed on this link: Schooling the World The film looks fascinating and thought-provoking. I admit: schooling makes me hideously uneasy. Not least because I disliked school myself; from the first day, feeling like I’d been thrown into a place … Continue reading

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What Kolya said

“Do you have a sore tummy, Mummy? “Yes.” “Why?” “I think it might have been something I ate.” “Pie?” “No, I didn’t have any pie.” “Oh. Maybe you did eat six sweets.” I guess six sweets would do it…

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Subtle violations

A friend’s husband is friendly. Very friendly. So friendly that hugs hello are always a bit longer than called for. And dinner party conversations alarmingly interspersed with uninvited squeezes and tickles whenever he’s in arm’s reach. But what do you … Continue reading

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I have been thinking a lot lately about anger. What do you do when you get angry? What’s the point of getting angry? Does it have a purpose? Is there any way of dealing with anger that doesn’t simply stir … Continue reading

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