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Breadmaking diaries: Bâtards

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of Peter Reinhart’s idea that you can ferment dough very slowly – as in overnight. When I try do overnight proofing in the fridge (aka retarding the dough), I consistently get overproofed dough. Overproofed … Continue reading

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Breadmaking diaries 2

Update: Can’t believe I forgot to slash the loaves again. But I think this was my first success with fridge-retarded dough: made it on Wednesday and baked today (though left shaping for last). The amount of dough was so small … Continue reading

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Bread-making diaries

This week I’ve been working with Peter Reinhart’s Master Formula for French bread, as detailed in ‘Crust and Crumb’. I’ve stuck with the pate fermentee method, as I’d like to see whether I can improve with this one simple loaf … Continue reading

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Rustic bread

The ladies at the bread counter always look at you funny when you ask for fresh yeast, as though you’re asking to speak to the oracle. They disappear into the back, and eventually emerge with a lump of it in … Continue reading

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Kolya is three

Kolya’s Jack and the beanstalk cake. Kolya loves Jack. It’s only as an adult that I’ve noticed Jack is the story of a kid that doesn’t listen to his mom, listens to the advice of an oddball who cons him … Continue reading

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Me on TV

Me in a stain remover commercial for the US market. Such a soccer mom! Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to embed it – just click on the link above.

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Biting off less than they can chew

One of my fellow TheatreSports players, Brett Fish Anderson, writes a fascinating blog, mostly about Christianity and relationships. I love reading Brett’s blog, even though he is the most deliberately flagrant misspeller I’ve ever met and even though (or perhaps … Continue reading

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