Diary of a pregnancy – part III

1. The biggest birthday ever

Yesterday it was my birthday (as Paul Simon said in that nice song). I must admit, it nearly slipped my mind til I was checking the slightly addictive pregnancy timeline at http://www.pregnology.com (for the “How many sleeps?” voice in your head) and realised that September comes just after August. So, in some ways, a very low-key little birthday. And in others, the biggest one ever.

See, I’ve officially gone from that point where people can safely assume I’m pregnant (not just a little heavier than normal) to the point where they can safely openly ridicule my resemblance to a manatee/”the Good Ship Lollipop” (verbatim quote from close friend).

Top exclamations so far:

“Are you sure there aren’t twins in there?”

“Oh my god, house incoming!”

“Go whale go!” (granted,that was my 5-year-old trying to get me to give him whale rides on my back in the pool)

“Wow, I didn’t realise til you stood up how enormous your tummy is!”

“Wow, you’ve grown.”

“Jeez, looking at you makes me remember how large and uncomfortable I was with my second pregnancy.”

(to put in perspective: How willing would you be to try out these comments on your friends who are few kilo’s overweight? Just wondering. Let me know if you’re brave enough, and if the friendship survives…)

Hilariously, this one seems more compact than the first pregnancy, to me, but because I was overseas for that one, my friends and family don’t have anything to compare it to. However, am managing to retain my sense of humour about the size commentary. Cos let’s face it, 8 months pregnant is fairly friggin’ large and slow.

2. Have I mentioned how much I love my chiropractor?

From being a complete chiropractic newbie (and fairly suspicious of it as quackery), I have become a chiro evangelist. 20 minutes of readjustment and you feel like you’ve had a four-hour massage and a three-hour nap. And even if you could barely walk when you walked (or hobbled) in, you feel like you could skip out afterwards. If I were a bumper sticker kind of girl, I think my current one might read I ♥ MY CHIRO.

3. Have I mentioned what a moody emotional bitch I’ve been?

You haven’t noticed, you say? That’s very kind. It might be because we haven’t seen each other in several months. I think everyone else is being very diplomatic. Just to let you all know: your patience is appreciated. I’m assuming my personality will return at some point.

4. Interest in cheesecake has returned. Interest in most other food has gone away.

“I’m over eating,” declared another pregnant friend last weekend. “Overeating or over eating?” I asked her. The latter, she said. I know what she means. I know for the baby’s sake I probably should not live on cheese-on-toast and fridge cheesecake for the next month, but it is very tempting. Especially when you’re feeling as slow and slothful as this. As a result, entertaining at our house has largely scaled down to take-aways and bring-something-to-braai. I swear, I’ve even suspended my usual judgments about Woollies chips and dips, and bought pudding. There may come a time when my kitchen adventurousness returns. Um, just not today.

5. It’s never too late to change doctors.

I’m planning a midwife-led birth, which means very little contact with obstetricians. But the backup one I had lined up did a rather astonishing job of not answering questions clearly. After a bit of a quandary around whether to stick with the devil I knew or find someone else, I had the good fortune to be referred to a fabulous doctor who didn’t play the “doctor knows best” card, and actually listened to and engaged with my questions. There’s a lot of relief in feeling like you actually trust your doctor to respect both your choices and your need to have clear information. As opposed to trying to convince yourself that you trust them because you feel you have to.

6. Kolya has asserted the rules.

In a recent chat about The Baby Sister, I asked Kolya: “So, when the baby comes, what do you think is the most important thing to remember?” His reply: “Not to stand on the baby.” I must admit, I’d asked the question without any particular answer in mind, but it struck me as a pretty good rule.

7. There’s actually somebody in there.

Now that it’s a matter of weeks, rather than a matter of months, before the impending new arrival, I’m getting terribly excited to meet her, and find out who she is, and what she’s like. Because the next birthday in the family is the one for someone who’s never had one before. Counting sleeps 🙂


About Lisa

I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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