(continued) (with thanks to some food bloggers)

So hello again. I think I’ve managed, on average, about a blog post a year for the last while. So here is one for the end of 2018. 

I’ve been pretty much inspired to start blogging again because of this charming, delightful blogger somewhere on that big expanse of mystifying noise-production they call the USA: The Amateur Gourmet.

This guy, Adam, he’s been blogging even longer than me. Just more consistently, and way better. And he’s such a sweetie. He talks a lot about bagels and lox, and photographs his sandwiches in a magically non-annoying, honest sort of way, and writes sometimes about movies he’s been watching, or just whatever comes up. He’s Jewish and forthright and funny, in that enviably happy, wholesome Jewish way that I used to think was made up by screenwriters, but it appears not. He sends out a weekly newsletter about what he’s been up to, what he been eating, and what he’s been cooking. I know, it sounds so homely it should be crazy dull, but actually it’s about the most lovable email you might receive in a week. When he signs off his newsletter, “your friend Adam”, you just know you happen to have this happy friend or long-lost cousin somewhere in foodie America. In addition, Adam has been blogging since so long before food blogging was A Thing, that he does insanely glamorous things like visit Dorie Greenspan, and cook with Nobel-prize-nominated humanitarian Chef José Andres, while all the time just looking thrillingly normal. He also roasts chicken and has lunch with his family at his parents’ golf club in Florida, and the like. There’s a lot to love about this guy. 

I know, you are wondering who on earth gets time to read food blogger newsletters (while simultaneously, I don’t know, raising three children, roasting the odd chicken and very occasionally writing the odd chapter of maths). Dunno, but I did one of those things that bills itself as a productivity game-changer and therefore makes me cringe (game-changer? is this a noun in this life?) Anyway, it involved something called Zero Inbox or Inbox Zero or something, and it’s sort of the zen meeting the not-zen of email. It resulted in my inbox feeling… minimalistic and clean and organised, for the first time since about 2003, and as a result I had space to actually explore some of the stuff I’d signed up for and studiously ignored.

I think the link to Adam’s fabulous newsletter came from David Lebovitz’s fabulous newsletter. I swear I am not a compulsive newsletter signer-upper. But these two guys write deliciously about food, and they are so marvelously human in the world of weird, instagram-world non-humanness. 

I’ll stop evangelising about reading newsletters from charming gay Americans I’ve never met. This was supposed to be a blog post about some delicious corners of the Internet. I think I vaguely intended to get a book review in there, but didn’t. But at very least, it’s one to say, hey, I think just maybe I can still turn up here from time to time. As Dave would say, It’s allowed! 


About Lisa

I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.
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