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Tennis balls and chocolate sauce

The next post was going to be about the marvels of juicing ginger and how that appears to have resulted in several almost pain-free days this week, and how ginger and grapefruit juice will basically save your life. But fear … Continue reading

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And if you’re pescetarian…

Fishing and seafood are a big part of Cape Town’s heritage. The waters around here used to jump with many different species of fish, and you could find mussels, abalone (perlemoen), lobsters, prawns, squid and clams all along the coast. … Continue reading

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The “white tribe” tweet and uneasy unbelongingness

So the following little Twitter conversation turned up on my feed today: Now Twitter is a funny place. It’s a place of public conversation and dialogue, but it’s also a place where, in a way, we eavesdrop on each other’s … Continue reading

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Potato bread, and a lovely soup

My potato bread for the ITJB challenge came out so unphotogenic that I can’t show you the loaves here. It would just be mean and unfair on them. They’re sweet and chewy and light, all the lovely things that potato … Continue reading

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Colours of summer jamming

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Bottling olives

More olives than you can shake a stick at… some chilli, some lemoney, some with rosemary and thyme. None without garlic, though.

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A wise friend on the inspiration of cookbooks

A wise and kind friend said to me yesterday: “The point of recipe books is to inspire you about food, to inspire you to get into the kitchen and make something. Once you are there, it’s quite permissible to make … Continue reading

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Beefed up, free-range…

Ethical omnivorism is a tough call. I mean, my vegetarian years (all 15 of them) called for a kind of well-formulated ethical and political stance when it came to food. I thought vegetarians were people that thought carefully about what … Continue reading

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Homemade gnocchi

Last night Kolya and I made some gnocchi. Lara took some pretty pictures, and Dave brought a nice bottle of wine. Kolya made the cool ridges in the gnocchi to catch extra bits of sauce. With flour all over your … Continue reading

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Cookshop dinner club

I’ve recently become a fan of a couple of local food blogs. They whisper tantalising rumours about interesting food-related events and funky restaurants that are the Next Big Thing. They mouth off about places that have sunk into mediocrity. They … Continue reading

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