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The blurry world of phone etiquette

Yesterday evening, I attended a talk given by William Kentridge, part of the Mentor & Protege program being showcased at the Baxter this weekend. Well, it was billed as a ‘workshop’, but it was more of a lecture, followed by … Continue reading

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The “white tribe” tweet and uneasy unbelongingness

So the following little Twitter conversation turned up on my feed today: Now Twitter is a funny place. It’s a place of public conversation and dialogue, but it’s also a place where, in a way, we eavesdrop on each other’s … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Mike van Graan’s analysis of the Oscar Pistorius case and the South African psyche

The multiply horrendous tragedy of Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp. Where does one start? Despite myself, I’ve been gripped by the unfolding of this terrible case, along with the rest of the country, the rest of the world. I  knew … Continue reading

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UN Citizen Ambassadors contest and entry

A big, big warm and grateful thank you to everyone who helped with the footage and filming of my entry for the UN Citizen Ambassadors contest. I submitted the entry yesterday. The UN has invited all entrants to post their … Continue reading

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Open your eyes – a wish

OK, I’m putting a big wish out there, and sending this one out into the world, fascinated to see what might come back. The UN has put out an invitation for anyone in the world to pitch an idea to … Continue reading

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Me on TV

Me in a stain remover commercial for the US market. Such a soccer mom! Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to embed it – just click on the link above.

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Schooling the world

Someone passed on this link: Schooling the World The film looks fascinating and thought-provoking. I admit: schooling makes me hideously uneasy. Not least because I disliked school myself; from the first day, feeling like I’d been thrown into a place … Continue reading

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Seth Rotherham and matters of social subversion

Apparently, South Africa’s (or is it Cape Town’s?) most popular blog is a thing called The byline is “Work is a sideline. Live the holiday.” It’s written by a guy called Seth Rotherham, and basically Seth tells you what … Continue reading

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Old-fashioned pages

Last week I did a thing I haven’t done for years. I took books out of a public library. I’m working on a project that has frustratingly few resources online, so after a couple of weeks of fighting my way … Continue reading

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What not to write to your ex on Mother’s Day

This week, I read this online article. The writer dedicates it to his ex on Mother’s Day. He waxes lyrical about how much he appreciates her and everything she does as a mother. It’s really nicely written, moving, sensitive stuff. … Continue reading

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