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The blurry world of phone etiquette

Yesterday evening, I attended a talk given by William Kentridge, part of the Mentor & Protege program being showcased at the Baxter this weekend. Well, it was billed as a ‘workshop’, but it was more of a lecture, followed by … Continue reading

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Black Friday: a walk to school

Today I walk my son to school. It’s about 700 m from our house to his pre-primary school. Along our road, past the pub, where last night’s mountain of bottles will be picked up later by the Wasteman truck on … Continue reading

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Travel and returning

I wrote this on my way home from Jamaica a week and a bit ago. I let it settle for a bit before posting it here, but a conversation on the weekend reminded me of it. Travel and returning I … Continue reading

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I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while. Every time I think of writing I get all squeamish about it and wonder whether there isn’t enough rambling crap on the Internet without me adding more. And I think of all … Continue reading

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Vicious irony

Irony says the opposite of what it means. Irony says “Thanks a lot!” when it means “That’s not what I wanted.” Irony says “Aren’t you smart?” when it means “You’re pretty stupid.” Irony says “Go away” when it means “I … Continue reading

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Parenting peeves

It’s a minefield, this parenting thing. But we have so much information available. And we all have our own experiences of childhood to use as a touchstone; surely we can remember what felt right to us as kids, and what … Continue reading

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Jungle gym

At a playpark yesterday. A little girl scramble to the top of the jungle gym. Yells: “Mummy, get me, get me, get me!” Her mother looks up at her. “Sweetheart, if you want people to get you, you shouldn’t climb … Continue reading

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Where to get a box of goodies. And what to do with it.

(A photo of Charly’s Bakery, as found on the Cape Town daily photo blog) “I’m expecting gifts and cake,” she demands jokingly. We’re on a three day puppetry training workshop, and it’s her birthday the next day. We’ve been thrown … Continue reading

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A close approximation of hell

Dread does a funny thing. Usually, when I dread something, it tends to surprise me. Tends to turn out more fun, more interesting, or simply more bearable than I expected. Of course, most things are pretty much tolerable, and dread … Continue reading

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What I’ve got against sleep trainers

Quarter to 11 on a Saturday night, and I’m wondering (as usual) whether my child is going to have to collapse with exhaustion before he allows himself to get to sleep. Sleep is this monster topic with parents. Are you … Continue reading

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