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Subtle violations

A friend’s husband is friendly. Very friendly. So friendly that hugs hello are always a bit longer than called for. And dinner party conversations alarmingly interspersed with uninvited squeezes and tickles whenever he’s in arm’s reach. But what do you … Continue reading

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What not to write to your ex on Mother’s Day

This week, I read this online article. The writer dedicates it to his ex on Mother’s Day. He waxes lyrical about how much he appreciates her and everything she does as a mother. It’s really nicely written, moving, sensitive stuff. … Continue reading

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Parenting peeves

It’s a minefield, this parenting thing. But we have so much information available. And we all have our own experiences of childhood to use as a touchstone; surely we can remember what felt right to us as kids, and what … Continue reading

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Letting go of the last strands

It’s an old martial arts exercise. You stand face to face, each on your right leg, each holding up the left hand. Each tries to push the other over. The lesson is simple. The second you stiffen and resist is … Continue reading

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The argument against forgiveness

What does it mean to forgive? The way I see it, it doesn’t mean anything. In fact, I find the concept of forgiveness something extraneous, confusing and downright meaningless. The widely used notion of forgiveness comes from the Judeo-Christian tradition. … Continue reading

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My mystifying Valentine

Valentine’s Day. I used to make trays of heart-shaped cookies with pink icing and hand them out to family, friends, strangers. Until once I left a lovingly wrapped an ribboned package in the postbox of someone I had a crush … Continue reading

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Message for a strong friend

Don’t do anything to make him love you. There is nothing to be done. Men seldom seem to figure this out intuitively, but love isn’t a noun, it’s a verb. Love is not something you find or lose. Love is … Continue reading

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Jim Dreaver on Freedom

At the level that most people relate to the notion of freedom, it means the freedom to express ourselves however wish: to choose our work or career, our friends, our politics, our religion, to choose where we live. Yet there … Continue reading

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The successful psychopath

For most of us, literature and cinema have hijacked the term “psychopath” to evoke an image of a crazed sadistic monster, Hannibal Lecter frying up his victim, or Patrick Bateman in a frenzy of chainsaws and blades. The real psychopath … Continue reading

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Why men should NEVER be at the birth of their child

(An article by MICHEL ODENT. Odent is a French obstetrician that founded the Primal Health Research Centre, introduced the concept of birthing pools and home-like birth rooms into maternity hospitals in the 1970s, and is also the most well-known trainer … Continue reading

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