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Far from the tree

Occasionally it happens: you meet someone, or read someone, or – the Internet being what it is – you click on a link and spend 15 minutes watching something, and a world opens up. You suddenly see or know or … Continue reading

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A can of baby worms

When you’re pregnant, my mom always said, it seems like the whole world is having babies. And, indeed, it’s been a year of babies around here: all three of my sisters-in-law are currently either pregnant or nursing freshly minted newborns, … Continue reading

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The “white tribe” tweet and uneasy unbelongingness

So the following little Twitter conversation turned up on my feed today: Now Twitter is a funny place. It’s a place of public conversation and dialogue, but it’s also a place where, in a way, we eavesdrop on each other’s … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Mike van Graan’s analysis of the Oscar Pistorius case and the South African psyche

The multiply horrendous tragedy of Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp. Where does one start? Despite myself, I’ve been gripped by the unfolding of this terrible case, along with the rest of the country, the rest of the world. I  knew … Continue reading

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Black Friday: a walk to school

Today I walk my son to school. It’s about 700 m from our house to his pre-primary school. Along our road, past the pub, where last night’s mountain of bottles will be picked up later by the Wasteman truck on … Continue reading

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Rethinking mistakes

The NY Times recently posted an article entitled “What if the secret to success is failure?” (Thank you to Jeanine from Going Coastal for the link to that.) It’s an ancient and fruitful idea, really. Serendipitously, I received the link … Continue reading

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“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

We woke up this morning to a world without Steve Jobs. Strangely shocking, this news, despite the fact that Jobs had been battling cancer for so many years, despite the fact that he resigned from Apple only a month ago. … Continue reading

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UN Citizen Ambassadors contest and entry

A big, big warm and grateful thank you to everyone who helped with the footage and filming of my entry for the UN Citizen Ambassadors contest. I submitted the entry yesterday. The UN has invited all entrants to post their … Continue reading

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Schooling the world

Someone passed on this link: Schooling the World The film looks fascinating and thought-provoking. I admit: schooling makes me hideously uneasy. Not least because I disliked school myself; from the first day, feeling like I’d been thrown into a place … Continue reading

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Subtle violations

A friend’s husband is friendly. Very friendly. So friendly that hugs hello are always a bit longer than called for. And dinner party conversations alarmingly interspersed with uninvited squeezes and tickles whenever he’s in arm’s reach. But what do you … Continue reading

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