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(continued) (with thanks to some food bloggers)

So hello again. I think I’ve managed, on average, about a blog post a year for the last while. So here is one for the end of 2018.  I’ve been pretty much inspired to start blogging again because of this … Continue reading

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Wild, and 90s nostalgia

Recently I read Cheryl Strayed’s personal memoir, Wild. I’m not quite sure why I read it: it was an account of her hike along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), something I’d never heard of til I opened her book. I’d … Continue reading

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SA4QE 2016

Today is the 11th anniversary of Russell Hoban’s 80th birthday. It’s also the anniversary of his birth, and of all his other birthdays… but around here we think of it as Hoban Day. Or SA4QE day. Or a day when … Continue reading

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Our biggest problem may be calling each other the problem

I should probably stay off social media. The drivel-to-gems ratio is around 25 to 1, at best. The recent upsurge in agitated conversations/rants about so-called “transformation” has unfortunately worsened that ratio, forcing those videos of 10-year-olds on America’s Got Talent … Continue reading

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Biscuits, or: worth searching for the hidden stuff.

When I was a kid, my Granny Lil’s flat had a fantastic stash of chocolates, at any given time. It just wasn’t altogether clear where to find them. In contrast, my great-aunt Freda (Lil’s younger sister) had a perennially disappointing stash … Continue reading

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And if you’re pescetarian…

Fishing and seafood are a big part of Cape Town’s heritage. The waters around here used to jump with many different species of fish, and you could find mussels, abalone (perlemoen), lobsters, prawns, squid and clams all along the coast. … Continue reading

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Five months pregnant, and my body has kicked in with some vicious pain. The left side of me is entirely unscathed. But on the right side, something’s going on between my back and my hip that’s making it excruciating to sit, … Continue reading

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If you’re vegetarian

So this weekend I was at the gorgeous wedding of a close friend. It was a warm and wonderful gathering, and I was honoured to be the MC. I was also completely unprepared. This was ok… as an improvisor I sometimes … Continue reading

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Sad story – a poem

It’s a sad story when it’s all about you all that we say and all that we do it’s all about you and the story you tell to anyone who will listen, it’s sad and it’s all about you It’s … Continue reading

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There are times in your life you reach a crossroads. You’re forced to stop, consider which way you’re going to go, and it’s one or the other. And the consequences will be, well, even if just for that particular path … Continue reading

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