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SA4QE 2016

Today is the 11th anniversary of Russell Hoban’s 80th birthday. It’s also the anniversary of his birth, and of all his other birthdays… but around here we think of it as Hoban Day. Or SA4QE day. Or a day when … Continue reading

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SA4QE 2012

Yellow paper day today. Along with the dream life there is the life of ideas and half-ideas, of glimmerings and flashes and indescribable atmospheres of the mind. What we actually do in what is called the real world depends largely … Continue reading

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A letter of appreciation

This email bounced. So I’m hoping to invoke the powers of the fabled seven degrees of celebration, sorry – separation! – in order to get it to its intended recipient. Or just to spread the appreciation. Please could someone pass … Continue reading

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Ficly. Better than Facebook, and possibly more addictive.

Am having a marvelous time reading and writing at Ficly, a smart, inspiring little site for people who want to write and read short fiction. It’s inspiring and encouraging and compelling and fun, and there are some muchos talented writers … Continue reading

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A tale of two men

Two men there were, both billionaires, both seemingly quite smart Philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and patrons of the arts. The first his name was Adolf, born in 1934; they said he built his fortunes from of the rubble of the war. The … Continue reading

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I’m not one of those people that pays to spy on how many people are hitting on my blog, and who they are, and what their IP addresses are and so on. But WordPress has this lovely built-in tracker that … Continue reading

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