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Films: Slumdog Millionaire and Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I recently resolved to get to movies more often. Which means sneaking out every now and then during the week. I’ve always loved sneaking out to daytime movies while the rest of the world is at school or at work … Continue reading

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Bleak, bleaker, bleakest: Burn after reading

This was the second film I’ve been to see since Kolya was born last May. So maybe it was a problem of elevated expectations – Woo hoo! the new Coen brothers movie! – after a year of almost no movies … Continue reading

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Why is Michael Moore so darned irritating? – A review of Sicko

Like any skilled polemicist, Michael Moore makes his message easy to watch and simple to translate. Put crudely, this film tells us: the healthcare systems in civilised countries aim to take care of people. The healthcare system in America aims … Continue reading

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My favourite break-up line ever

Watched “Secretary” again last night. What a fine film. Worth seeing for the best break-up line of all time: PETER You’re my fiancee! LEE I don’t want you. Get out. I mean, poor Peter. But when you know, you know, … Continue reading

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Why I liked Venus

because Peter O’Toole gets the gleaming, soulful heart of a dirty, dirty old man because Jodie Whittaker’s smoky scowl is as convincing as her legs because two old men dancing and weeping made me want to dance and weep because … Continue reading

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